If I could meet you, there would be a Big Bang
Creating a perfect, balanced place,
I – Yin.   and   You – Yang.
We’ll share a spot in each other &
I would kiss your tiny face

Maybe you’d smile, giggle
Or just sit, staring at my beard
I’m your father with silk to
Dry off your baby spittle
You’re all the beauty, it’s
A shame your parents feared

If I could meet you, I’d pick you lots of flowers
One in each color and hue of this world-
The ones you will not see,
Show you jazz and
Let you try buttermilk
(but you’d probably find my music annoying)

If I could hold you, I’d press you to my heart
So you could feel love, maybe feel safe-
I would hold you so close,
Because you’re my missing part

You are blood, my daughter, my ilk
And I, your stubborn father
-for you, the finest silk


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