Share in this with me,
Please? I could
Ask over and over,
Used to but not
Anymore, not too

If my own sister
Will not, why expect
Different from people
Placed further out?
On outer circles?

I’ve left the flooded
Plains in search of
Higher grounds, or
Something like that

Why expect different
From those far away?
Oh well, you came
Last night and that
Made my day

Thank you
For that


Struck up to
Smite down,
Thank you
Thank you,
Stuck up
And hung
Over the back
Of every word,
Ducked, evaded
Until the time
Seems right
Snuck up,
Bit down
Snagged and
Torn, yet to
Be stitched
Doing well
Doing right
Reached out,
Trite, I’ll fight
Struck up to
Smite down,
Thank you
Thank you.