Sprinkle me sugar-happy
And rest your feet, new
Town from trees, strapped
Guns and knives and
Misfortune coming to
Defeat most any notion
Of some positivity

Yet here we all are,
Lets not split up
Not split up!
My brothers and sisters,
Lets please stand up
Please stand up!

Sprinkle me cedar-sticky
And roll around in leaves
Don’t let it go far now,
This old town in the trees
Full moons and bright fortune
To you and to me

So here we all are (all are)
Not split up,
Not split up,
Not split.



We talk now, lightly after long silence
Today her words are a medication &
Tomorrow they will slowly bruise

…and this will go on,
Until I learn to, well, until
I learn a lot of things…


You would climb on top of me any time
The moment allowed a sneak, and your
Skin warmed mine and yet, still goose
Bumps and lightning strikes

I bet I fit like expertly handled clay,
Nurtured and anointed with perfect
Pleasure… that was clearly ALL YOURS,

Much like the rest of this world viewed
From your gorgeous, selfish eyes,

You might be a better person if you
Went totally fucking blind.


Your plaster masks are falling apart,
Slowly crumbling as your stern, viper
Eyes show more than you will
Speak – they know every word
Straightforward smile to
Profiled frown

You know that even whispered
Truth could be so profound,
But since I know YOU though,
You’d simply prefer to
Keep all faces covered

It is okay, one can suppose
Those masks will eventually
Shed themselves once pride
Has been swallowed or simply
Stay adorned if not, either way
Hope YOU are not scared.

Your real face is beautiful.

Humanity & Effigies

Once, there was a handful plus
a Furtive Pygmy, poor thing –
   Brave as they were

As the Pygmy thought they were kind,
Broke off from the Dark Soul,
And we became alive, sentient

Bearing the sign, the one you’ve
Heard of, perhaps your very

The symbol of constant coveting,
An unexplainable urge for the
Intangible, but you are in fact
the Chosen, if you will to
Forego rational, in the
Trees, wide eyed, just our
   Bare roots

The Chosen Undead, push
Forward and prove there
Is no end, no final enlightenment
And that is the very point!


After all, once you ring
the Bells of Awakening
The trek finally starts


See your bright smile before I drift asleep,
Think about your cub & grass stains,
The “torture rack”, karate kicks down bridges, Space Jam naps
See mezcal beans as love or transformation,
Smell your hair when the wind blows,
Think about how we all have sat at this table,
And how we have laid in this bed,

Wonder if you still read palms,
Or if Little Sir has learned his letters well,
Feel your father’s strong gripping handshake or
Taste your mother’s weird wines, and that cackle

Remember the way you glow, which I’m lucky to see
And that there could have been a child, which I was lucky too,
Remember that you two feel like family,

Find world peace in your presence,
Safety in your son’s laughter,
Want to provide

Write lines about y’all,
Remember you probably do not
Give a single, tiny shit