See your bright smile before I drift asleep,
Think about your cub & grass stains,
The “torture rack”, karate kicks down bridges, Space Jam naps
See mezcal beans as love or transformation,
Smell your hair when the wind blows,
Think about how we all have sat at this table,
And how we have laid in this bed,

Wonder if you still read palms,
Or if Little Sir has learned his letters well,
Feel your father’s strong gripping handshake or
Taste your mother’s weird wines, and that cackle

Remember the way you glow, which I’m lucky to see
And that there could have been a child, which I was lucky too,
Remember that you two feel like family,

Find world peace in your presence,
Safety in your son’s laughter,
Want to provide

Write lines about y’all,
Remember you probably do not
Give a single, tiny shit


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