Typical me, 

Taking care of most 

Every other body, 

Besides me. Not me.

Let me listen back 

About what I’ve rambled 

About self compassion,


But I am here for you, 

Still and your 


Typical me. And,

We stil linger 

‘Til it is all



What I’ve rambled,

Unusual us. 


It is 2:30AM and you drove by,
Opposite direction, of course
And you were along with that
Ol’ heavy foot of yours, like
When you can’t wait to arrive
At your destination.

I wonder who you’re following,
The type of person they are,
How much of you they can fill
And if you speak to their eyes
In ways that tell them, lead
Them to feel that they do,
As you spoke numerous
Times that I did.

For their sake, I hope you
Lie to them just as you
Did to me, my core, without
A single flinch and

I wonder who you’re following,
At 50MPH, at 2:30 in the morning,
Like you can’t wait to arrive, like
You hope he’ll make you come.