Bending light using only your bare hands?
Seems as impossible as Faith most days
And soon that bending will be science
And so computers will pray

All these green boards and embedded
Highways, metalic tee-pees
All those tiny cities - silicon bitties,
Electric traffic and modulating
Signals trying to parallel park

Sounds similar to a bad feeling,
When you have a second thought

A strum of the heart's strings in
Love - a breezy afternoon

Perhaps we have made these
Circuits simply for fuck's sake or
To mimic, so we can 
Worship our own electric signals

15% Human
85% Monotheistic Technophiliac

Hybrids engage a narcisistic frenzy
Of showing how they are, in fact,
The one that is best suited for
Your sacrifice and praise

And this was how we used the
Thing we love the most,
This is how we use
Our microchip brain

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