Misty night...
         The fog & rain outside
                 Twists & twirls in that

Slow way...
         You know, head-on, like
                 We all saw it coming,

The lights...
         Dance & thrum, in & out
                 Of focus, the vibration

Did I...
         Lay my head down on the
                 Hot steel of your tracks?

The way...
         You head that train, like
                 Fog & rain, has me guessing

But probably...


Gleaming in & out of
Haunting flickers,
Pastels for your
Color's bent rack,

I toast in Blue
Funny though, 
The Vibration 
Caught up in,

Caught up in 
A hand that 
Swallows up
An Innocent

Bent & sent,
Marched up 
To Gallow
Down trodden